Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Those Infant Hands"

Another worthy Advent/Christmas song by Charles & Carl!

Those Infant Hands
word by Charles Wesley, music by Carl Thomas Gladstone

Those infant hands,
of the heavenly stranger,
So poor and mean,
His court an inn,
His cradle is a manger:

Those infant hands
now for us descended,
Who built the skies,
On earth he lies,
With only beasts attended.

Lie hid in human nature;
Incarnate see
The deity,
The infinite Creator!
Godly hands, those infant hands.

Those infant hands,
Of endless adoration!
Those infant hands
Shall burst our bands,
And work out our salvation;

Those infant hands,
Strangle the serpent ever,
Till open set
The glorious gate
And take us up to heaven.

Find the music here.

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