Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Could ReThink Annual Conference Lead to ReThink Charge Conference?!

I've been away from the blog of late with mission trips, catch up work, & then something flu like knocking me out of everything.

I noticed my old seminary friend, Taylor Watson Burton-Edwards, offers up another insightful and practical suggestion with ReThink Annual Conference.

Plenty of us have talked about this over the years. Many vote with partial attendance, or most correctly stated, lots of attendance in hallway meetings. After you attend AC one year you'll notice a deadly redundancy with a few cosmetic changes.

Check out ReThink Annual Conference and imagine the vibrant new Methodist realities that might take form instead of a repeat of a dead, institutional form of religious business that really isn't fitting for a Methodist movement. I think Taylor is on to a conversation which every conference should engage in and look to implement in some form as we revitalize the connection and reignite a movement.

This might even lead to ReThink Charge Conference!

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