Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Recruitment Manual for the Augusta Irregular Militia: Ready for the Battle"

Everything we've discussed so far concerns a power far beyond you or your abilities. What I am suggesting isn't a mere illustration. This isn't a child's game. Rather, this is a life and death matter. This is for teenagers and young adults and adults of all ages. The consequences, in your life and in our community, are very real. The impact is NOW. The implications are played out in our community today and tomorrow.

This is an urgent call to action. The enemy has over run the town! The adversary has control of too many in our community. Too many of our own ranks have divided loyalties. We can no longer play it safe. We must choose who we will serve. We must be of firm conviction in this matter. We must be persistent and not give up hope or allegiance.

The time for us to join the battle is now. We can not delay as we put ourselves and those around us in jeopardy. While drugs and gangs control some of our homes and neighborhoods we have stood idly by. While the expectations in many of our homes, schools and community has diminished we have waited for someone to step up to do something. While we've expected politicians, or teachers, or preachers, or someone else to make a difference, we've been content to complain but not act. The burden is upon each of us as individuals to step up to the challenge. Then the task is to unite under the banner of the One who has given us everything we need to win the battle!

The time for action is today and it begins with us. But we must let go of our sense of power and submit ourselves to God. We must follow the example of Christ. We must rely upon the Spirit as we take our place in this spiritual battle as a soldier of the One True King. Yet, as seen previously in the manual, the hostile forces prefers to use our everyday habits, thoughts, attitudes, and practices against us. The Enemy uses our own sense of independence, ability, and self certainty/self centeredness against us. We have proven we can not win the battle doing what we have always done. We can not be partially armed for the battle. Rather, we must be fully equipped if we are to stand in the cosmic battle played out in our everyday lives.

Read Ephesians 6:10-18 for more background and to reinforce the urgency of this matter and the full armor you must have to be effective. As you reflect upon your life and our community these are some of the essential characteristics that are most necessary to effect a lasting change in our lives and in Augusta. The demons of idolatry, religiosity, poverty, addiction, racism, hopelessness, gangs, and a legion of other forces of evil can not be overcome by our continued ineffective efforts. The fact is that we fuel the flames of negativity and despair as most of us give in to "what has always been and will always be." We expect too little of ourselves and too little of our community with such thoughts and expectations. We do not expect the Kingdom to be present and our prayers mock what God desires to do through our submission. We must view the battle in new and different ways, and we must armor ourselves accordingly as the fight is much different than we have previously supposed.

Today is the day for a new battle to be fought in Augusta which will take seriously our place in it and our obedience and resolve to depend upon God and one another.

The Augusta Irregular Militia is mobilizing and is prepared for battle. Will you join the ranks? Will you give yourself to the battle at hand? Will you submit your life to the the Field General who calls for obedience? Will you help us transform in Augusta that which many have given up on? The time is NOW. Which side will you choose to serve?

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