Monday, November 28, 2011

"Heaven Cannot Contain"

OK, I know that, strictly speaking, we're in the time of Advent. That's the Christian season that is a preparation for Christmas. Of course, in a culture that is full launch into the singing/spending/buying season it's sometimes tough to consider a spiritual preparation for the birth of Christ. Rather than attack the overwhelming Christmas tide that starts on Black Friday I like a more positive emphasis.

Here's a great Christmas song that you may not know about. I like both the words and the style music as the approach points to another side of Christmas that can get lost in the hype, razzle dazzle, and excessive busyness of it all.

Heaven Cannot Contain
Words by Charles Wesley, Music by Carl Thomas Gladstone

Glory be to God on high,
And peace on earth descend;
God comes down; bows the sky,
and shows himself our friend!

God invisible appears,
God the great I AM
Sojourns in this vale of tears,
And Jesus is his name.

Heaven cannot contain!
Knees and hearts to him we bow;
Jesus is our brother now.

Stand amazed, ye heavens, at this!
Lord of earth and skies
Humbled to the dust he is,
And in a manger lies!

Emptied of all majesty,
Dazzling glories shorn,
Being's source begins to be,
And God himself is born!

Go to Heaven Can Not Contain to hear the song.

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