Sunday, November 20, 2011

Megachurch Bubble?

There's an interesting discussion currently as to whether a "megachurch bubble" exists. You've heard of the housing bubble and similar "industries" that have overreached. Exhibit A for anyone who advocates a megachurch bubble would be the Crystal Cathedral and it's demise/restructuring. In that situation, and in general, there do seem to be commonalities. A key issue is the question of economics and which churches are sustainable. Others would point to leadership and the transition to the next generation of pastors. Still others might point to the ministry approach that worked with the last generation which doesn't seem to be as effective today. Megachurch Bubble offers an interesting review of the possible megachurch bubble and a focus on particular Nashville area megachurches. Those with a solid financial base, entrepreneurial spirit, and current plan of active ministry including succession of leadership proves a strong approach no matter the size church.

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Holly said...

I believe that megachurches are on the wrong track as they plan for the future. Instead of looking to the business model of large corporations to plan for the future, we should be looking at the model of the Roman Catholic Church which has indeed proved to be a sustainable model for a Christian organization.

I have difficulty understanding how a sincere follower of Jesus can maintain personal integrity while seeking the position of corportate CEO that the mega church
seems to require.

The Roman Catholic model sustains the institution by allowing clergy to be priests first. Priests have their basic needs provided for adequately even though they take vows of poverty. Top notch laity can be hired at market rates to manage the organization of the church.

The Roman Catholic model would certainly need to be tweeked to fit Protestant theology, but Protestants have something to learn from our Catholic brothers and sisters.