Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Recruitment Manual for the Augusta Irregular Militia: The Problem May Be You"

Have you ever seen a zombie movie? It's almost always crystal clear who is alive and who is "undead." Movies are that way. You can usually determine the "good guy" from the "bad guy." Real life is somewhat more complicated.

We can not be confused about where we stand and how we are doing.

This likely requires an honest assessment, a demanding drill instructor, and a team of others committed to the mission. Anything less and you will neither tell yourself the truth, push yourself hard enough in the mission, or benefit from the competition, encouragement, and truth telling that others on a team will bring you. Anything less than this total package and you will be confused about where you are and how you are doing.

This is not a call to inaction, or discussion, or status quo- in your life or in your community. This is a call to deployment. This is a call to change Augusta starting with you, with your home, with your neighborhood, with your workplace, and with your social groups and relationships. This is a call to be a foot soldier in the Kingdom of God.

A soldier must be prepared for the mission. A soldier must be patient and persistent. A soldier must be prepared to follow orders. A soldier must be willing to work hard for the greater good of the unit and the mission. A soldier is always on call. A soldier must be willing to sacrifice, both in small ways and perhaps in significant ways, for the mission to be accomplished. The life and practices of a soldier demand best efforts, attention to detail, practice, and commitment.

But you aren't there yet.

Even if your mind and heart soar with the thought of service there are some preliminary matters to attend to. Think of basic training for a soldier. And don't forget the ongoing training and every day disciplines required of those in military service. Tough, consistent, demanding, high expectation training is the key.

Read Ephesians 2:1-15.
Are you dead or alive?
Who, or what, rules your life?
What are your daily desires and thoughts? What are your cravings?
What is the motivating characteristic in your life?
What is your purpose, your calling, in Augusta?

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