Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flow of Thanksgiving

I tend to think in images and get a focus on certain thoughts or ideas in a day and week. I'm not a poet or writer yet, and often get drawn to a concept that I then enjoying playing with for days. Here's a rough draft as I'm trying to get myself ready for Thanksgiving. I'm still fussing with the grammar, wording, and punctuation, but want to share it with you to say THANKS. Maybe it will help you tap into your soul as you prepare for Thanksgiving.

This year I'm thinking a lot about all the sinners and saints who've framed my life, added to who I am, and made a huge difference to what I've become and what I'm becoming. I hope as you get caught in the busyness of Thanksgiving that you'll also get caught up in recognition of everyone that your life is built upon and the power of gratitude. Do something -traditional or creative- that helps raise your awareness of thanks giving/living.

Oh, the first photo is of a dry well in a west African village where we work, and the second of the pump is from the deep well we put in at the Kipuke Ministries Trinity Center outside of Kara, Togo. I was thinking of the old pitcher pump or shallow well as I started writing and was reminded of my rather shallow daily approach of thanks giving.

Flow of Thanksgiving
by Scott Parrish
Thanksgiving 2011

The pump needs to be primed.
The flow is hesitant from a
rusty, forgotten, untended supply-
a spring not drawn up.

slowly welling in mind and heart-
of the people who have changed my life,
of the spices added to the dull recipe.

stirring in my thoughts-
family, friends, folk who sharpen iron,
those who create my life of experience.

flowing in life and story-
to be displayed and recounted,
stream that keeps me alive.

gushing spring of thanks knowing-
deep, deep gratitude from the core,
holy awareness, an offering, a prayer.

Spring of true thanks giving,
meant to flow pure in me.
Stories recalled, retold
as I drink deep of the pure water.

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