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Togo Missionary Newsletter- October 2011

Here's an update from Esaho & Beatrice Kipuke in Togo, west Africa. We are the primary sponsors for this couple but are eagerly recruiting other churches and sponsors for the incredible work being done in northern Togo. Here's Esaho's October report:

This publication is very special to us since it is being prepared on October 4th, the date of our 31st Wedding Anniversary. We thank God for His guidance and His blessings on our children, our ministries and especially on us. Thank you all for your cards, prayers, phone calls and the wish for many more years to come.

Kipuke Outreach Ministries goal for this year is to reach out to many more people in the remote villages far from Pya and win as many souls as we can for the Lord. Students and workers are mobilized along with our choir for that adventure. Elderly people in these villages who have no one to care for them will also be the focus of our outreach program. With God’s help, we will find them and provide them with spiritual and material support.

Our school year 2011-2012 resumed September 12, 2011 with 47 students into our Home Economics program. School started with a prayer meeting where voices were raised up to God asking for His blessings unto all of our personal, programs and us for the entire 2011-2012 school year. Many students and workers expressed their gratitude to God for how He blessed them. They feel it was God himself who has enabled them to join Kipuke Outreach Ministries programs.

Our dormitory for girls lacks space to accommodate all new needy students. More beds and mattresses are needed. Kipuke Outreach and Ministries provides accommodations only to enrolled students coming from other villages, Cantons and Regions of the country. Exception is made to girls rejected by their families due to forced marriages, indigenous religion practices, witchcraft practices…

The Kipuke Outreach program for orphans provides education, food, clothing and medical care expenses for children they have placed in foster families. We are able to find families willing to take in an additional child, but they can barely support themselves, so we must provide money to feed and clothe the orphans they care for. The orphans resumed their school this first week of October 2011. Kipuke Outreach provided all of these children with school uniforms, school supplies, tuition and other related school fees for the school year 2011-2012. Families providing care to these children also benefited by receiving some food for the orphans under their care, and their own children

Kipuke Outreach and Ministries was blessed by the visit of Ed and Linda Baker, The Mission Society missionaries serving on the Global Resource Team with specialization in water and sanitation. Ed and Linda enjoyed their visit to Togo, especially the visit at the Kipuke Outreach Ministries project in the village of Pya. Ed and Linda noticed the difficulty the training center has with training the students in it’s home economics program. The kitchen has no sink and no running water, making it difficult to educate the students about cooking practices. Ed and Linda will be working hard in finding ways to get pipelines run from the well to the main building at Kipuke Outreach and Ministries training center in Pya.

The 9100 District Rotary Club Governor visited Kipuke Outreach Ministries project in Pya where the International Rotary Club approved a matching grand that helped provide electricity to Kipuke Outreach Ministries training center, add electric and manual sewing machines and purchased some kitchen supplies for our cooking program.
The Governor and all who were with him appreciated the Kipuke Outreach Ministries efforts in the area of community development. Bringing to the village of Pya a nice and well equipped school to help young Togolese women to learn a trade is a big investment a NGO can provide a rural area with.

The nursery program at Kipuke Outreach Ministries training center also attracted the attention of the Governor. He noticed that the nursery needs more equipment such as toys for children and, in the long range a play ground to benefit children in the area.

Kipuke Outreach Ministries held a three day seminar for their “Women of Love” program. The topic of the seminar was “Women Leaders – What is Their Role”. Many women from neighboring villages of Pya came. The goal was to provide information to help women understand how they can have a role when it comes to leadership - what they can do to be effective, and to not be misunderstood in a country where the culture has not fully given to women the power to be a leader of groups? A certificate of participation was given to all women who attended.

Kipuke Outreach Ministries is coordinating a French International Mobilization Conference in Togo, led by the Mission Society, December 9-13 in Bagbe (Presbyterian Retreat Center, 35 kilometers away from Lome). We are expecting church leader participants from USA, Mali, Cameroon, Bourkina-Faso, Ivory Coast, Benin and Togo.

Please, pray for our programs, our donors and especially for the event God has for Togo in the coming months. Also, do not forget to pray for us, your missionaries on the field for good health and patience with the challenges we have to deal with on a daily basis.

Esaho and Beatrice Kipuke
Missionaries in Togo

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