Thursday, December 15, 2011

Five Management Metrics You Need to Know

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I don't usually catch too much business news, but the link below is beautiful and has great application in church work.

Metric 1: Flow State Percentage
Knowledge workers and deep thinkers- being "in the zone"- need sustained deep concentration, i.e. flow state. "Studies have shown that each time flow state is disrupted it takes fifteen minutes to get back into flow, if you can get back at all."

Metric 2: Anxiety-Boredom Continuum
"He said that his goal was to keep all of his students in the pocket between boredom and anxiety – but closer to anxiety."

Metric 3: Meeting Promoter Score
"In the last minute of a meeting, ask the participants to each rate from 1 to 10 how effective the meeting was, with one suggestion for making the meeting better."

Metric 4: Compound Weekly Learning Rate
"The best leaders hold on to this relentless curiosity. Joi Ito wrote recently about “neotony”, the retention of childlike attributes in adulthood. This ability to learn is like the compounding interest on an investment: after two or three years, a relentless learner stands head and shoulders above his peers."

Metric 5: Positive Feedback Ratio
"...five times as many positive interactions as negative ones."

Five Management Metrics You Need to Know

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