Sunday, June 1, 2008

Have You Read The Shack?

The Shack is getting some press as one of the top selling books in most book lists. Some religious types don't like it as the book doesn't match their doctrinal views. But numbers of people are drawn to it, and it is proving popular among college students. I'm curious if you have read any or all of the book, and what your thoughts or questions might be.

The author, William Young, was raised among a stone age tribe in New Guinea by his missionary parents, but don't let those credentials fool you as his life is a mess. The intrigue in his life, and the major element of the book, deal with a profound loss in his life and his struggles around that loss. It sets the stage for the age old question "Where is God in our world of suffering?" While some critique the book for its lack of solid writing and solid theology it is an interesting discussion starter about real life and real faith (some of my favorite topics!). It might also be an opportunity for us to share our stories with one another without fear of judgement.

Warning- Some reviewers say the book is a real challenge to their thinking and others even state it is so contrary to their view of Scripture that it's dangerous! That's what got my attention and interest. :) Note that some admire this quality while others find the material so removed from their experience or thinking that it is the main negative for them. Bottom line- check Amazon and you'll see people tend to give it one star or five stars. All in all, I think the book provides us an opportunity to examine our own stories and to meet in The Shack to share our deepest hurt and pain.

I haven't finished the book yet, but already curious if anyone else is checking out what the larger population is reading. This could be a book worth a study group to engage friends from the community or campus in discussion. Just be prepared for an emotional journey which might cause you to ask some questions.

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sd said...

No, but I'll be sure to take it along on MY beach vacation. Envious of the Kudzu clan -- glad y'all have had a great time. Shirley