Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Upcoming Summer Days

I get into some fast paced summer service projects the next few weeks.

This week we meet in Athens, GA for the Annual Conference meeting. That's a gathering of clergy and lay delegates from the area, in our case the North Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church, for worship, business, and setting of pastoral assignments ("appointments" we historically call them) and agenda for the coming year. I'll use this as a time to renew some friendships, swap some stories with clergy, eat some food, enjoy some worship, and relax.

My church then sends out a medical mission team Friday to work in Togo west Africa. I've been there once before and spent time in Lome, in a number of bush villages, and then in the north around Sokode and then Kara. I'm sure I'll have some good pictures and stories from this. Experienced my first idol, witch doctor, and time with a village chief under the "truth telling tree" when I was last there in March 2006. Also ate lots of cous cous and gumbo.

I'll return home for a few days and then we're off to New Orleans to do some Hurricane Katrina relief. I signed up for interior repairs, but mysteriously roofing has crept on the list. Hope I don't have a July roofing experience in New Orleans on my resume! Probably more gumbo to be eaten if I'm lucky.

More stories later...

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