Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wear Shorts Back to Work After Vacation!

What compares to the first day of work after vacation? Is there an easy way to wade through the e-mails, voice mails, letters, make up meetings, and general details?

I think I have an answer. Today, my first day back after a week of vacation, I went to work in swim trunks and a golf shirt. So, my co-workers bragged on my tan AND envied how comfortable I still appeared! Now, I did have a valid excuse. I'm just saying it's the BEST way for a nice re-entry from vacation back into work.

I covered all the make up territory I needed to in the first half of the day, and then went to a lake day camp that our church and another church are sponsoring for inner city kids. These elementary aged children come from two poor neighborhoods in Augusta and also include some children from local transitional shelters. These are the children who do not know how to swim, who've never been on a boat, who have already seen things in their young years most of us only view on TV or imagine in a nightmare.

What made the day special wasn't my attire. Instead, I saw first hand how we might change the world by investing in children.

So, enjoy your vacation. But when you go back to work return with a renewed spirit, ready to have fun, and eager to change the world doing the most important things!

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