Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Shade Tree in Wrens GA

Last Saturday we were roofing a house, and all of us enjoyed the shade of a pine tree. While the group was at lunch at the church I stayed behind to keep an eye on the tools and to talk with the homeowner JoAnne. After a visit with JoAnne I had the peace and quiet of the shade tree before the team arrived. I looked up when I heard some noises overhead and a couple of small birds were flitting around and then hanging from the limbs upside down.

I think they were Eastern Wood Pewees. Check them out at

So, I was staring at them as they were staring at me. This is what I saw. I'm curious what their blog shows! :)

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sd said...

Speaking of "all God's creatures," Charlie has offered a baby rat (yet to be named) to Christy. If any of our clergy friends would like critter company on the ride back to Augusta from the Classic Center, we'll happily name the little fellow after him or her. Or after a person of your choosing (we won't tell!). Just think of the possibilities if Annual Conference gets boring and you've got a little baby rat in your bag .....