Thursday, June 5, 2008

Friday & Saturday Roofing in Wrens

Here is some of the e-mail info I've previously sent to our excellent workers who'll be joining us "close to heaven."

We'll pray the teams gel, the weather cooperates, and the work goes smoothly. I'd hoped to get to some of this Tuesday after my return from some family vacation time, but the lake camp, a late meeting, and our 4 year breaking an ankle changed the plans a little. :) I'm out at the lake camp today but call if you need me- 993-6967. As typical we can always use more workers, so share this freely. Often the type of workers who respond to this do so at the last minute. And as we've found in the past often drive to the location without an RSVP! :) We're also hopeful to pick up some friends from Wrens UMC or the community who might work with us & that is an open invitation as well. These are two solid projects for the novice and the experienced. As we say at communion the table is open for all who will come!

Locations:109 Dayton St. St.-- Note that for some reason MapQuest shows this on the correct end, but one street over! UMC will have a dozen sandwich lunches per site, & between them and us we'll have plenty of water as the day will get hot. If you require something other than water to work tell me now and I'll oblige. As long as it keeps you working! :)We'll also have an extra dump trailer from Wrens. And they'll see about getting those dogs away from the house Tim Smail is working.

Anyone wanting to carpool should be at the WalMart at Bobby Jones/ Deans Bridge Road on the end toward the Popeye's Chicken for a 6:15 prompt departure. It's likely there may be others leaving a few minutes earlier, so if it's more convenient to carpool from your part of the CSRA please contact your team leader.

Teams as I know them:Mccullum St.Tim Smail, Jeff Ferhman, and a combination of their Sunday School class and co-workers. If they have too many bodies and want to send someone to the other location we'll take them!

109 Dayton St.- Team Leaders: Eric Long & Mississippi Jennie (who ran the camp in Ocean Springs and will take the lead Friday morning). We'll be doing some tear out of shingles AND decking. Both days or until complete- George Hoard, Paul Johnson, Scott & Zeke Parrish (Zeke- help recruit some teens buddy so you don't work so hard!!) plus some others who've expressed interest and spoken to Eric.Friday- Mike Gardner, Earle Maxwell, Robert Smalley, Robert Eubanks. Saturday--Stan Littleton- pastor from Wrens& some of his guys, Sterling Jones, Michael Rigdon is acting interested but just had a minor procedure and will see, Jack Hall- possible 868-0565 (I left him a message and gave my cell phone #). Though it's a small house there is a lot to be done so we can still use people on this project. Saturday- Jason Matthews & friend. Sunday- if needed-Doug Coleman.

Thanks!! Any questions call my cell 993-6967.

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