Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Small Membership Churches with Big Local Mission

It is absolutely crazy how U.S. churches now equate mission with money. By doing that we have tended to pass mission service off to big churches, to professionals, and in general to act like a congregation will take care of it's own ministry first that it can fund, and that IF there is more money and time they might do mission. That has got to be fairly close to the heresy line even though I don't usually talk that way!

I really enjoyed the following article as it highlighted small membership churches which are engaged in substantial local community mission. They showcase churches ranging in membership from 20-400 in locations as varied as Chicago, SC, Texas, and Alaska. he projects ranged from refugee resettlement to fundraising and more traditional mission experiences. You will also find examples and inspiration from small churches that started a community center, run a food pantry serving 8000 a month, and caring for children with tutoring and after school ministries.

We are all called to be in mission in the world no matter the size of our bank account or the number of friends we've got in our church. What is your mission for God in your local community? How are others drawing inspiration from your response to the needs in your community and the work of God's love in your life?


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