Monday, January 12, 2009

"Saving a Squirrel By Eating One"

I grew up on a farm in south Georgia in the 1970's. We cut our own firewood. We had a large garden. We would hunt and fish and eat what we brought home.

So, a recent article in the NY Times stuck me as somewhat funny.

It turns out that the American Gray squirrels have invaded Britain!

It's true. And they are taking over and pushing out the native red squirrels of the UK. The American grays are taking over habitat, eating up everything in sight, and passing on a virus to the reds that the British squirrels are just beginning to develop a resistance to it.

But the Brits are fighting back. Or should I say BITING back?!

The article is titled "Saving a Squirrel by Eating One." AS the gray squirrel population needs to be controlled and therefore the squirrels culled, the Brits are eating up the problem. Now that's a way to turn around the ecology AND the economy!

You can read more at as advice on preparation and enjoyment of a squirrel meal is included. The UK's "Save a red, Eat a gray" campaign began in 2006. I rolled on the floor with laughter at the quote from the chef who cooks squirrels so as “'to recreate the bosky woods they come from,' braising them with bacon, 'pig’s trotter, porcini and whole peeled shallots to recreate the forest floor.' He serves it with wilted watercress 'to evoke the treetops.'”

And to think all we'd ever do back in the old days was to either fry them or make a stew!

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