Thursday, January 22, 2009

ASBO Jesus

There is something about the British sense of humor and critical eye that I really enjoy. I found this on where Jon can be found. He writes about himself and the name of the blog "The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus":

"btw. for the non british among you… an ‘asbo’ is an ‘anti-social behaviour order’… the courts here award them to people who are deemed to be constant trouble in their neighbourhoods… presumably according to their neighbours!"

LOL I really appreciate that sort of view of Jesus. Too often we make it out as if everything we think and do as the Church is exactly like God thinks! This blog tries to share that satirical viewpoint of the Church that challenges and portrays Jesus the troublemaker. He seemed to be that way for the institutions and authorities of his day, so there's no reason to think that wouldn't hold true in our day.

ASBO Jesus shares this from Jonny Baker

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