Thursday, January 8, 2009

Did You Know Helium is Endangered?!

Kim, the administrative assistant for mission and children's ministry at my church, was calling around town this morning trying to find some other business to supply us with a helium tank. She spoke with someone who supplies helium tanks for rentals, but he said they weren't taking any new customers AND gave the rationale. He explained about the rising cost of helium and that eventually there will be NO helium!


No helium balloons? No Goodyear blimp? No medical application?

Like many natural resources helium is irreplaceable and nonrenewable. Helium is being consumed very rapidly in the United States. There are still large reserves in Russia but it has not been marketed to this date. While capturing and recycling the element is an option that hasn't been practiced in many applications yet. Find more info at

Helium is endangered!

It's really strange to think my grandchildren might not hold a helium filled balloon.

What kind of world would that be?

I wonder what other things might disappear if we don't get serious about taking better care of our world for our grandchildren and for their grandchildren.

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