Thursday, January 8, 2015

Trainers of Mission Leaders

Today we've been at Inman Park United Methodist Church with a conference training event called UMVIM "Train the Trainer" as we make more teachers of mission team leaders available for my annual conference. These are the trainers we'll have available to go to districts and churches throughout North Georgia to help more churches be in local, national, and international mission.

I can't tell you excited I am about the potential for all the churches in North Georgia as we have 25 new trainers- both laity and clergy- available from throughout the region. We had 16 churches today with strong representation from metro Atlanta and as far away as LaGrange, Augusta, and Comer (east of Athens). We had three connectional ministries staff. We now have English and Spanish language trainers available for UMVIM group leader training in NGUMC.

It is extremely worthwhile to offer UMVIM group leader training every three years in your church or district. This allows opportunity for rookies and veterans to consider the "best practices" in mission, network and partner with folk in mission, hear updates, and reinforce the "before," "during," and "after" of a mission team. This all has tremendous application for everyday ministry in the church as well.

In North Georgia we hope you'll delve deeper into mission. Call on us to provide you assistance as your United Methodist church develops mission teams and mission leaders. We'll travel to your location and are a resource paid for by your apportionment giving.

All of your UMC youth teams, college/campus ministry teams, and all adult teams should have a currently (within last 3 years) trained mission team leader for any national or international projects. This will help you know your church ministries are "on the same page" with you regarding growing Christians in mission, complying with Safe Sanctuaries, having insurance and contingency plans in case of problems, doing mission well and in the most helpful ways, and having the accountability and "hand off" to other mission teams. You may find MANY resources on the UMVIM websites for SEJ or UMC.

Call on us and put us to work for you as you send teams for national and international mission!

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