Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mission Celebration: Recognizing Volunteers

Ok, I struggle with what to call volunteers, servants, church workers, Christ followers, etc.

What I do know is that is the crowd I most enjoy spending time with as they live out the following of Christ in ways that engage me and encourage me. These folk are the active workers in the Kingdom of God who "flesh out" serving in the way of Christ inspire and renew the Church as they demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit at work. They incarnate the continued ministry of Christ who heals, feeds, and comforts people even today.

I'm at Dalton First UMC attending their annual Global Impact Celebration. Rev. Kenny Ott and his mission team did a great job with this fun night. This year the focus is on leadership. On Saturday night they had a dinner and focus on volunteers in the congregation who were nominated by church members for their service. They called it "Night With the Stars." 

These are the folk who put their faith into action.

Funny thing is most of these folk don't want to be honored or have a spotlight on them.

But they did enjoy the party!

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