Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mission Celebration Ideas: Food!

How can you possibly enjoy, much less celebrate, the wonderful variety of world cultures if you don't eat the food?!

You can "spice" up any mission event with a focus on a particular country or culture that includes representative food. This is especially meaningful for children, teens, and any foodie! Even adults might surprise you with their interest and response.

Just this past September, my last church gave me a "going away" party where they included chicken foot soup as a wonderful centerpiece to celebrate my mission adventures (which always included sampling the local cuisine). Lo and behold, so many people enjoyed sampling "the centerpiece" that my party givers soon ran out! They had numerous requests for the "delicious" recipe and many inquiries as to where to get the best chicken feet in town.  

Here's a great resource for your world food adventures. Reach for Global Table Adventure, and similar resources that celebrate the exciting food of the world, as you plan your Mission Celebration. Enjoy the outreach adventure as you fire up imaginations and invite others into the celebration through food.

Photo courtesy of Joseph McBrayer.

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