Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mission & Witchcraft Cultures

I learned about the International Bulletin of Missionary Research enough years back that I can't recall the year and feel like it's always been part of my reading material. Their analysis on topics of mission interest, and review of mission books, have proven very useful to me over the years. Their online monthly bulletin is always worth the time and now a treasure when it arrives in my email. 
The current issue is very thought provoking as they delve into a topic I've encountered "on the field," but have seldom seen analysis or found ways of useful engagement. After all, how do Westerners comprehend and discuss witchcraft and the cultures which embrace the "old ways." As the preface to this edition says, "Missiologists as well as theologians—contextually bound as both are—must finally become fully engaged with the issues of spiritual agents, sociological dynamics, and people’s assumed universes."
If you have partnerships in any countries where witchcraft is part of the culture do yourself a favor and check out the January 2015 edition of IBMR.

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