Sunday, January 5, 2014

TOC Devotion: Pray For Your Church

Pray for Trinity on the Hill UMC as we -the individuals, families, and corporate body- experience the full life of faith in Jesus Christ through worship, sacraments, discipleship, prayer, study, evangelism, and mission.  None of us can choose which parts we will do, and which parts aren't our calling or gift/s.  These are all "part of the package" that the individual Christian and every Church are called to live, experience, do, and be.  So, we participate in worship as one element of our Christian life each week, but then we depart from the gathering of the church in praise to follow in the way of Christ into all the world!  We experience the good creation of God the Father, the Good News of Jesus Christ in a present salvation, and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit who guides us in the redemption which continues to be revealed.  These are the days that call for our best efforts as the Kingdom of God is indeed near!

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