Thursday, January 16, 2014

TOC Devo: The JOY Club

The Joy Club

 Read Luke 14:14

...and you will be blessed because they cannot repay you.

 Every Wednesday evening the Joy Club convenes at Trinity on the Hill United Methodist Church in Augusta, Georgia.  The Joy Club consists of 6 developmentally disabled adults and two church members who are along for the wonderful ride with these friends of ours.  We have a shared meal with the rest of the church who come for "Wednesday Night Supper."  We have our own well-marked table and a number of people will make a point to come over and say "hi"  to the Club while we eat. The church pastors always make a short visit.  We think they take a small pleasure and pride that their church supports a ministry like the Joy Club, and they should.  We wouldn't exist without church support.  At our meal we catch up on each others' lives and what might be going on.  Over the years this group has become close friends.  We care for each other.  We appreciate the uniqueness of each other.  We lightheartedly tease each other.  It's always fun.  There is always a party in the planning stages because that's what we do.  We have a few birthday parties each year and we go to a favorite eatery together to celebrate.  Our annual Christmas get-together is always the highlight of our year.  Santa always comes.  We are cared for that way.  After our meal, at our meetings we may listen to music.  We may make a card for someone and each member will share a thought to include in the card.  We may share a trouble or concern or we may interview a guest.  Sometimes we will read a Bible passage and talk about it a bit.  Roberts Rules of Order are strictly not observed at a Joy Club meeting!  Our Club chaplain, Ed, closes each meeting with a prayer which, among other requests, always includes a prayer for Trinity on the Hill. 

The Joy Club at TOTH is a mutual blessing to the Club members (they wouldn't miss it!) and the church as a whole.  Trinity on the Hill is allowed the opportunity to give to a small group of lovely people who can never repay what they receive.   In return, let's be watching how our God will bless us!

 Thought for the day

Do we understand that God promises blessings when we give to those who cannot repay? 

Wonderful God, You have blessed Trinity on the Hill with the Joy Club and we thank you that we are regularly able to see how you provide a wonderful outreach and fellowship for them.  Bless Connie, Ed, Johnnie, Laura, Ronnie, Wally, Wink, and Doug as they continue to meet with you on Wednesdays.  Guide the Club as we walk together and as we deal with issues of old age and physical/health challenges.  Amen. 

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