Monday, December 2, 2013

Upcoming Mission Event

Each year Trinity on the Hill UMC hosts a mission celebration.  We share the stories of the last year in mission and give thanks to God for the good that has occurred through our prayers, funding, and participation.  We get involved in a variety of mission projects on our work day.  We also hear the challenge of the coming year of mission as we continue to be involved locally, nationally, and internationally as we follow the way of Christ and seek to love God and our neighbor. 

We've found it best to get word out just after Thanksgiving so folk won't lose us in all the holiday excitement of Christmas and New Years.  During the next few weeks I'll share some of the incredible cast of facilitators that will guide us in the Saturday training event which will focus on community ministry.  We'll enjoy local expertise who know Augusta & the CSRA well.  We'll also have missionaries and clergy from Georgia, the southeast and beyond who will share best practices and models of ministry that every church and community might consider.

Our theme for the Trinity Outreach Celebration is "The Kingdom is Near!" with focus on Luke 10:1-9 as our general theme.  We'll offer a variety of opportunities throughout the 10 days, but the primary events include:

Saturday, January 25, 8:30AM-12Noon- Servant Day- where we serve in a variety of settings ranging from visiting people, assembling food packs, doing clean-up or construction, and opportunities ranging from the church to places throughout our community.  Registration is necessary and will be enabled after Christmas.   

Saturday, February 1, 8:30AM-2:00PM- Training Day- offers an equipping element so that anyone form a missions novice to an outreach veteran can benefit with skill building, ideas of mission models and best practices, and networking with mission leaders and participants from throughout Georgia and South Carolina.  This event features outstanding trainers who I'll introduce you to each day in the following weeks.  This event is free though lunch/snacks cost $10 & registration is necessary in order for us to manage the class sizes.  Find out more about the Church & Community Ministry Summit and be sure to bring a group of 4-6 from your class or church as you will find great benefit in covering as many sessions as possible.     

Sunday, February 2, 8:30AM-12Noon- Challenge Day - includes Sunday School with special sessions featuring missionaries and updates on outreach, and worship services with focus on how each of us will take our next step of faith in Christ in the next year in mission as we pray, participate, and fund the vital work of the Kingdom of God.

I hope Trinity on the Hill members will continue to support the "work day" in late January, but make a double effort to participate in and recruit for the mission training element on February 1.  We'll have a wonderful variety of other UM's from Augusta and throughout the region and you'll find MUCH in the conversation and relationships which will nurture your life in Christ. 

Look for more information in the coming days as I introduce our mission teachers as we consider "The Kingdom is Near!"

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