Tuesday, December 31, 2013

TOC Devotion: Changed By Grace

“Changed by Grace”

Read Ephesians 2: 8-10

One highlight for me in ministry this year was in having a chance to preach a sermon series on one of my favorite words out of scripture--grace!  Then, I had the double opportunity to live and pour into this same community of people and in seeing lives changed.  For example, one day while meeting with a small group and studying the Word of God together, we began reflecting on our own, personal application.  Those in the group began to share how they had recently grown in their understanding and experience of grace.  One migrant shared about being rekindled and strengthened through focusing on God’s grace.  She talked some about her struggle in moving to secular Germany where it was easy to make choices that needed God’s forgiveness and grace.  Meanwhile, another person shared about experiencing an awakening to Christ through grace within this past year, describing it as if “moving into a different country” spiritually speaking.  Praise God for her birth into the grace of God!

Conversations like these make all the sweat and yes, sometimes tears worthwhile because of the reminder it brings that God is still in the life changing business!  I am so blessed to have such opportunities to teach about God's amazing grace and to get to watch as people grow under the move of God in their lives.

So thank you for your partnership with the Sims family that enables us to share about the grace found in Jesus Christ!

And how about you?  Have you had a life-changing encounter with the free gift of grace offered through Jesus Christ?  Or do you need some fresh fire in your bones?  Go to God, and be changed by grace.  Don't forget that your standing cannot be earned; it is a continuous grace gift!  

Nicole Sims
The Mission Society
Currently serving as pastor of Hamburg International United Methodist Church in Germany.

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