Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our Place in Building Bridges

Read and reflect again on 2 Corinthians 5:17-20.  Pray for Trinity Outreach Celebration 2013 speakers and leaders.  Pray for our congregation and every member as we respond to the opportunities to follow Christ this year, and as we make commitments of praying, funding, and participating in the mission of God locally, nationally, and internationally.  Pray for our community and world as we listen for the needs that are opportunities for us to be messengers from God by our words and deeds.

Our preachers will be Dr. Kemper and Rev. McClain and we are pleased to welcome them and all of the presenters to Augusta and to Trinity on the Hill.

TOC 2013 Leaders:

Dr. Thomas Kemper, General Secretary, GBGM

Rev. Dick McClain, President & CEO, The Mission Society

Rev. Patrick Friday, Director of In Mission Together, GBGM

Rev. Nora Martinez, Assistant General Secretary of Mission and Evangelism, GBGM

Rev. Mande Muyombo, Executive Secretary for Africa in Mission and Evangelism GBGM

Mr. Stan Self, Senior Director of Church Ministry, The Mission Society

Rev. Mike Selleck, Director of the Office of Connectional Ministries, NGUMC

Rev. Jasmine Smothers, Associate Director in the Office of Connectional Ministries, NGUMC

Mrs. Kim Torres, Church and Community Worker, South Florida Urban Ministries

Rev. Debra Tyree,  Executive Secretary for Global Praise, GBGM

Dr. Winston Worrell, Director, World Methodist Evangelism Institute

Listen quietly to God's call and direction in your life.  Pray for yourself and be completely prepared for what you will find as you enjoy the mission seminar on Saturday and the outreach challenge on Sunday!


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