Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Present Salvation

Read Luke 4:18-19

One of the first sermons that John Wesley preached out “in the field,” as opposed to in the church, was from this passage. Though initially skeptical of the approach, Wesley soon realized the opportunity and benefits of sharing the Gospel beyond the walls of the church where everyday people might come into contact with the present salvation of God. The Kingdom of God and the Spirit of the Lord has freeing, Good News impact for every day people that is far beyond our wildest dreams of grace.

Have you ever wondered what it means, in appearance and action, to be a “church in the field?” Often on international mission trips our teams experience the work of the church in the sanctuary and out in the streets. It is often liberating in a culture foreign to us, usually with a different language and customs, for us to see how God is at work and how our work in the church and community has an impact. It takes a lot of teamwork and self denial. It takes consistent focus on God. It demands a flexibility and adaptation because so many people are involved, God is doing so much more than we imagine, and change, innovation, and transformation are the norm. We often talk about why we don’t live this way everyday back home.

As we follow Christ today we will find many opportunities to work in the Kingdom and to help others experience the salvation of God.

Ask yourself: What would it mean for our church to break down the walls of separation between us and our community by initiating ministry in the city and neighborhoods? Who would we reach out to? Who is God calling us to reach out to?

Pray for Rhonda Jackson and Destino del Reino. Destino is located just north of Siguatepeque, Honduras and offers a comprehensive ministry including a home for children, a school for kindergarten through 8th grade, and related ministries.

Learn more: Destino del Reino.

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