Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blessed IF You Do Them

Read John 13:1-17.

Not much needs to be said about these Bible verses.  The challenge comes in the doing.  The blessing comes in following the example of Jesus, and in the action of faith.

It is true that the mission of God is relational, and challenging, and often times a messy business. 

But, it’s also redemptive, transformational, and the way God has shown us to live and act. 

“If you know these things you are blessed if you do them.”

Pray for Wesley Woods & the Lydia Project.  Since 1954 North GA Methodists have served older adults through housing, healthcare, education and research ministries through Wesley Woods.  While most of the efforts are in Atlanta this has local expression at St. John’s Towers.  The Lydia Project serves women facing cancer by providing hand-crafted tote bags, prayer and ongoing support.cing
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Use your extra devotion time today to be in prayer for the Saturday mission seminars and the Sunday worship emphasis on mission.  The impact of our praying, participating, and funding of our outreach partners in the coming year is vital!  There is an urgency to our work locally, nationally, and internationally that should not be lost upon us.  This is your last chance to register for a Saturday workshop!  Go to and get ready to learn more so you will be more effective for Christ!

Meet the presenter:  Rev. Debra Tyree works with GBGM's Global Praise in Nashville.  We are pleased her 16 year old son Jonathon will join her to lead a workshop!

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