Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Togo 2009 Pictures

I'm back from Togo and trying to transition back to this time zone and my "normal" life. I'll share a few pictures and stories the next few days as I process where I've been, what we've done, and attempt to slip back into U.S. life and work. Our support of a missionary family in Togo, Esaho and Beatrice Kipuke, is vital to their efforts and to the ongoing work of sharing the Gospel in northern Togo and to many unreached areas and people groups.

This photo is from a village about 40 minutes outside of Kara in the northeastern section of Togo. The people of Hodo were very receptive and eagerly showed their appreciation throughout the day. VERY often in the Kara region the people don't speak French which necessitates using 2 translators including one who speaks the Kabiye dialect. Learn more about this people group of over 1 million at Kabiye

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