Monday, July 6, 2009

News Catch Up After Mission Team Return

I'm just back late yesterday after our medical mission team served in Togo west Africa. Sharing those stories, catching up on with rest and regular food, and finding out the news I've missed are always part or my re-entry routines. I'll share somem of the Togo pictures and stories in upcoming days. We'll see how all this plays out as I'm the clergy on call the rest of the week as everyone else is on vacation and I have a 30 member mission team arriving in town Saturday for a week of work. AH, the quiet days of summer !!

Catching up on news I was pleased to find many news services carrying info on Codex Sinaiticus. Now that's not something you normally see in mass media! They've placed information and many pages of this historic Bible online. If you've never seen a 1600 year old Bible you ought to take a moment and check it out.


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