Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day Off Thoughts on Churches & Religious Publishers

It's a day off with the wife and older kids shopping for school clothes, and the youngest one here at home with a fever. And now an afternoon thundershower is rolling in. I did some quick Google searches but haven't found some info that I'm curious to know. Of course, in the back of my mind I've got some fall planning and resource loose ends I'm firming up. Related to these fall plans I tend to always use Cokesbury, UMPH, Abingdon, GBGM, Upper Room, Discipleship Resources, etc. though I'll also occasionally use other resources or create my own. Actually the last note is more typical for me as I use the discussion and interests of the group and springboard from there.

I notice that some publishers will show there top authors, top books in a year, etc. I wanted to compare Cokesbury to other religious publishers in this, but hit a wall quickly. Here are my questions related specifically to Cokesbury/UMPH though I'd likely apply it to all the others if I could:

-What are the top 25 books or curriculum for the last year?
-Who are the top 25 authors in the last year?

Does anyone have a source for this information? Is this listed online somewhere that I can access? I'd really like to know these things, and then know why some UMC's may have gone to other publishers/authors/books. If there has been a document on this that would satisfy my rainy day curiousity as well.

Oh well, back to the fever and thunder. Let me know if you have any answers to these mysteries which ought to be online somewhere.

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