Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pastor Salaries

Want to REALLY get into trouble? Here's an opportunity as we mix religion, money, and politics.

This comes from a congregational church polity, but some of the ingredients can just as easily appear in a denominational church. I've never heard of a clergy making 600K, so this got my attention.

"Live... from New York City... it's Sunday Morning Jive!"

Here's a teaser from the article:

"Longstanding tensions among parishioners at the renowned Riverside Church erupted again this week as a group of congregants went to court to stop the installation of a new senior pastor whose compensation package, they say, exceeds $600,000 a year."

"In a motion filed in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, the group said that the new pastor, the Rev. Dr. Brad R. Braxton, and the church board that selected him last September after a yearlong search, had dismissed their calls for transparency in financial matters. They also complained that Dr. Braxton was moving Riverside away from its tradition of interracial progressivism and toward a conservative style of religious practice."

See the full story and all details at Pastor Salary

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For a good discussion of this article, take a look here.