Thursday, April 9, 2009

Change of Pace-- Welcome to Our Local Golf Tournament

I know, I know. In most of the world this week, at least from a Christian view, the only correct thing to talk about would be Holy Week and the final days before Easter.

But, as with any week, there are other things going on in life-- especially in Augusta, Georgia, USA.

This first full week of April is all about the The Masters golf tournament locally. Perhaps you have heard of this international golf event?! It is a tremendous event in terms of exceptional golf play, tradition and history, and a destination experience for people from all over the world who love golf. All of this converges on the Augusta National just off of I-20, Washington Road, and then Berckmans Road which fronts the entry gates into the National.

So, the world arrives in Augusta while huge numbers of our locals leave for Spring Break.

I could give you lots of local talk about The Masters, but for the time being enjoy the following link from a local sports writer who has covered the event for over 20 years. He's got a great view of the course which you will enjoy if you've visited before and which you will appreciate in anticipation of the live TV coverage this weekend.

Don't forget the other happenings of the week, but enjoy a few minutes diversion here in Augusta.

The Masters Walking Tour

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