Monday, October 13, 2008

URGENT Local Mission Needs in Augusta

There are a number of "hands on" local needs that I'm aware of today that you, your family, or your group might help out. I spent an hour this morning with an assistant principal at the Academy of Richmond County. The school website and officials would say something like:

"ARC, chartered in 1783, is the oldest educational institution in the State of Georgia and one of the oldest in the nation. It officially opened in 1785 as a private school then became a military school after the Civil War. ARC is now a public school with a student population of over 1500."

ARC is located near our church and in a midtown location of Augusta just off of Walton Way.

We're creating a partnership to help the school, the students, and the community and I need your help!

TUTORS- are needed for 9th grade students in basic, core classes. Many students are coming into 9th grade without the necessary skills to succeed so we are working together with more one-on-one attention to help them succeed. Tutors may work with a student anytime during school hours or after school Wednesday or Thursday. College students, retirees, and/or anyone who might be interested in working with a student each week would be welcomed and in a relationship which might be life changing!

For more information contact Rev. Scott Parrish at Trinity on the Hill UMC or Mrs. Renee Kelly at ARC.

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