Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Greensboro FUMC Friends Working in Dulac, LA

A team from Greensboro First United Methodist Church (in Georgia over near Lake Oconee & Reynolds Plantation- on I-20 midway between Augusta and Atlanta) is working in Dulac, LA doing hurricane relief work. Here are the updates from their associate pastor Gary Nicholas.

Sent: Monday, October 06, 2008 9:18 PM Subject: Dulac Mission Trip
Greetings from Dulac, Louisiana. Greensboro First UMC mission team arrived safe and eager Sunday evening. Our tasks today were all at the Dulac Community Center. We emptied a nasty storage container filled with construction supplies which had been submerged in water. We had to inventory the items in hopes of getting reimbursed for flood damaged items. The picture of Richard in the storage container does not do just to the slime and smell. We also worked cleaning up the preschool building. We had to move out furniture, books, toys, etc and then remove the floor tile and about 24 inches of drywall and insulation that was submerged in water. We hope to finish that task tomorrow. Needless to say there is no power in the building so it too, was a hot and smelly task. Patt and Lynn are removing floor tiles in the picture. Just when we thought we were done a semi trailer pulled in with a truckload of supplies for the local residents which we helped unload in the gymnasium (aka emergency supply center). It was a long, hot, but productive day of mission. Norma and Jackie treated us to a great spaghetti supper. Now a little relaxation before we all turn in early for a well deserved night’s rest. We are all healthy and well, though a bit sore, after day 1. Please continue to keep us in your prayers this week.

Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 2008 8:49 PM Subject: Updates from Dulac
Greetings from your mission team at Dulac. Had another great day. Was very hot, around 90 degrees. Today we continued working on the preschool, pressure washed chairs to put back in the gym, worked on the church and sent a team to work on a house. This resident has been living in a FEMA trailer next to her home since Katrina. Her house was recently finished and new appliances and a few other things were put in the house just before Ike came. Today we removed all these new items and placed them at the road for garbage pick up. Tomorrow we return to remove water damaged walls and insulation. FEMA locked up her trailer with her personal possessions, denying her access, because it too was damaged. Her hotel money ran out today and now she has no place to live. Just one of the many tragic stories of this community.

Today’s pictures include our cooks, Norma and Jackie, Paul repairing the electrical box on the church and Gary returning to the preschool for another load of wet stuff to put on the ever growing pile by the road.

Another great meal – fried chicken, by Norma.

God’s blessings to all. Please continue to pray for our work, the people of the Dulac community, and others along the coast trying to put their lives back together.


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