Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hispanic Ministry Training Welcomes Rev. Nora Martinez

What a challenge and opportunity to create something from nothing.

Currently I'm helping facilitate Carmen Welch getting established in local Hispanic ministry. Carmen was a Methodist pastor in Mexico, and has lived in the U.S. for seven years after marrying a native of Georgia. We're getting into discussions and trying to build the necessary partnerships to establish Carmen in ministry in Augusta by next summer.

We've got a half dozen local UM churches involved at this point, and a key meeting this weekend. We'll have Rev. Nora Martinez an associate director of the Church Development Office of the North Georgia United Methodist Church visiting Augusta. Rev. Martinez leads Hispanic/Latino Ministries for the conference which includes work in Atlanta, Gainesville, and Athens. Nora will be featured at our Hispanic Ministry Training event Sunday, September 28, 5:00-6:30 PM at Trinity on the Hill United Methodist Church in Room A004. Area churches and individuals interested in this session are invited to attend. For more information please contact Rev. Scott Parrish at 706-738-8822, ext. 18. That meeting room is most easily found by going into the parking lot between Trinity and St. Mary's Catholic Church (corner of Monte Sano & McDowell) & if you go into the end door of the Main Building and into the basement you'll find us in that large room.

We've already got an exciting assortment of skills and interests in education, social work, parenting, recreation, worship, and language skills as well! Carmen will have some traditional food and drink available for us Sunday evening so RSVP a number if you can attend.

Rev. Scott Parrish
Minister of Outreach and Missions
Trinity on the Hill UMC

Augusta State University Wesley Foundation Director

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