Thursday, September 4, 2008

French Language Hymnal for Misson & Ministry

As many of us know there are VERY exciting movements of God taking place throughout the world. Africa is one continent which is experiencing a proclamation and response to Good News which isn't measured in hundreds, but in thousands and even millions! Of course, there is a power to music which is a perfect vehicle for sharing the love of God in Christ, for aiding worship in our own language, and for shaping our theology which is expressed in our lives and in our actions.

Yet so much of the curriculum and approach of the Church has tended to be geared toward western or U.S. practice, language, and situation. I'd been searching for a couple of months pondering how we might find the tools to advance some of our humanitarian efforts in Togo. With United Methodist work in Cameroon, and now with Cote d'Ivoire Methodists joining United Methodism, there has been more need for French language resources including the need for a hymnal.

Enter the General Board of Global Ministries Global Praise Division and the Rev. John Thornburg. Their joint efforts in Africa are producing a bilingual hymnal with an African beat and a Wesleyan heart to be published in 2009. This product should have dramatic impact in the partnership, the future of a worldwide Methodism and new approach to ministry, and to the worship and theology in locations all across the continent.

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