Friday, May 2, 2008

Out of the Kudzu

It's May in middle Georgia. That means the pollen is thick, the fish are biting, and the kudzu is taking over the world!

And as all that happens, ordinary people go about their daily lives in the midst of the kudzu jungle and the action all around. Having grown up in a small south Georgia county I've always been intrigued by the local characters and the stories that develop from their lives. In my work as a missions pastor and campus minister I am allowed the holy honor of hearing so many stories and being a part of the continually unfolding drama. Often that's a funny thing. Sometimes it is sad. Usually all one can do is tell the story or share the picture.

So we'll swap some stories, enjoy a good laugh or a cry, and perhaps even grow stronger and refreshed from the sharing. There won't likely be a rhyme or reason to this. More likely it's as random as the happenings in any of our days. Occasionally a story may be fit for telling inside the church walls, but as is often true with so many stories some may best be told in the barbershop or the locker room!

This journey will span from the nieghborhoods of inner city Augusta to the bush of Togo west Africa. We'll travel from Tick Bite, North Carolina to Grand Forks, North Dakota. We'll share stories over tortillas in Mexico and in Honduras. We'll sing with college students at Augusta State University and with small children in India. And the mystery and adventure will even take us to many more exotic locations full of characters!

With any little bit of luck we may even find one another along the way and find a better way through this kudzu life.

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