Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Keen Eyes & Sharks Teeth

I'd read the internet chatter about Myrtle Beach. Many online whined there where no teeth to be found, and a few bragged about their finds. My teenage son claimed to have seen a fin early in our beach visit, so I had hope. There's little else like finding a treasure in a handful of broken shells.

Let the average Joe or Sally hit all the tourist hot spots. As for me and my time, I love the hunt for shark's teeth!

I'm still not very good at finding the things. The hunt requires some characteristics which I tend to lack:
  • a keen eye- it's tough for me to pick the shapes out of all the other material
  • looking in the right places- it seems like small items attract other small items
  • persistence- you can't give up

My teen & I did all right today, and found a half dozen teeth while the others played in the surf. We've got some other commitments tomorrow though I hope they don't interfere too badly with the hunt. I'll add the pictures later. But don't ask me any specifics. All I can tell you is Myrtle Beach does still yield a generous number of shark's teeth if you work at it.

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