Friday, May 23, 2008

If My Teenage Son Blogged

Thursday, May 22- Last day of school means a couple of hours in a chemistry exam then I'm home free. Nothing but staying up late, playing X-box, enjoying lots of computer time, and my only work being playing my bass with the band!

Lunch, computer time, and then a phone call. !#@!*! I've got to help Pa seat a toilet. He says he needs someone skinny. I don't like the sound of this.

Day 1 of the summer is a disaster!

Friday, May 23- Dad wakes me up at 8:30. Says something like "welcome to the adult world." I help paint the exterior of the house with a roller. I have a blister. I never get blisters.

This isn't the summer break I dreamed of. More to come later. Dad says I'm going to learn other valuable skills which will help me in life including roofing a house.

This is messed up.

I enjoyed the new Indiana Jones movie last night. Couldn't go to sleep so goofed til 1 or 2.

Dad wakes me up at 8:30 again. More painting.
Me- "how much do I need to do?"
Dad - "until the house is done."
Me- "this is ruining my summer"

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