Friday, May 9, 2008

A Day "Off" & Doors as Art

Finally, a day I get to do other work! I'm at home and catching up on a few projects today. Ah, the beauty of needing to vacuum but finding other distractions to pursue!

Since last November I've had a thought bubbling around in my mind to make a dining room table out of a door. Not real sure how this percolated to the top of my wee brain, but it's there and continues to occasionally pester me. I've got an old door in hand now and have it ready for something. If you Google making a door into a dining room table you will find some nice useable options that are also unique and beautiful.

As I kick this thought around today, instead of washing dishes or clothes, I'm drawn to all the symbolism a door conveys. Before the day of mass produced generic doors humanity has perhaps been more aware of this than we are today. Waste a little time with me. Let your mind drift as you check out

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