Monday, April 27, 2015

Mission Ideas: Church of the Community

I enjoyed worship Sunday at a very missionally oriented church. They exemplify an old, historic congregation that has taken, and continues to take, big risks which has helped them to take on a vibrant new role in the community. They seem to be a church that has embraced their humanity and weakness, points by word and deed to the way of Christ, and actively seeks to serve their community.

During worship they use a variety of community images to reinforce who they are and where they are. I like this one as they reinforce a primary community identity of the service oriented church.

They are a few years into a new location with 18 acres. This centerpiece uses an old table from the previous historic location and incorporates a mahogany cross from Belize which represents a partnership of the last 3 years with the Belmopan High School

Villa Rica UMC is a congregation I'd lift up as a model if your congregation is interested in church ministry that has moved to a new location, has used that to redefine itself as a community asset, recognizes their successes and failures as they have found their niche in their town, and has strong impact in the community which is attractive to this generation of families and to young adults who favor faith in action that makes a transformational difference.

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