Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Old, and New, and Contextual

Do you know how some music styles and story strike you in deep ways that you just can't explain? Even though I tried to get past "roots" type Americana music there's just something about it that usually speaks to my soul.

Now, if you can get past this admission, consider the music, the people, the place that is part of your soul.

And, as you go through this musical soul search think about how we express our music, people, and place in our expressions of church. I'm not talking about generic, cookie cutter church with this. Instead, I'm thinking about the various people groups in any community that find affinity with local creativity and expression. I'm thinking about the voice that draws us into old stories and helps us to find our place in the current story.

Read The Fiddle and the Voice and consider how the old, and the new, and what is contextually appropriate to a community still seek expression. Imagine how enriched church might be as we find our voice in our own community.

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