Saturday, December 13, 2014

Out of the Box Church

I just read about Out of the Box Church. It seems like this sort of local community engagement out to be the norm. Though it may differ depending on a church context I would hope every congregation is looking for the ways to be a servant in their area, follow Christ in the streets in the ways that are authentic and transformational, grow relationship with the children of God (of all ages) out in the community, and help them find their place in the community of faith/ the family of God/ the church.

"They don’t apologize for doing things differently at Out of the Box. Instead, they work to endear themselves to their community by providing members lots of opportunities to engage in ministry with those around them. For example, members regularly volunteer on cleanup and recovery crews after storms, chop firewood for those who heat their homes with wood stoves, and host free cookouts in low-income areas of their community. They encourage every member to be an active evangelist for Jesus Christ, not only by serving their neighbors, but also by inviting those neighbors into the congregation and making sure they feel welcomed and loved."

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