Monday, December 22, 2014

Can You Help our NGUMC Portugal Bridge?


Rev. Everhart’s original message:
We have been given a new opportunity today. Bishop Sifredo has asked our help in funding a new church start by contributing to the salary of the new pastor, Marcelo Fonseca. Marcelo was trained last May here at our License to Preach School. He is ready to serve and has already committed himself. To support him and to pay for the rent we need $25,000 right now (by February) to take to Portugal. Alone this is a huge amount of money but if each church in the Atlanta Emory District would send a check for $500.00 from their Mission Funds we would have $22,500.00. I will ask the Annual Conference to come up with the difference for this first year. ONLY $ 500.00 is all I’m asking. Do you have $500 left in your budget? Please check with your leaders and if they agree to be a part of planting a church in Portugal please send a check to the District Office ASAP marked for Church Plant Portugal.  I will count you as one of the 50 churches on the Bridge to Portugal and you will have a part in bringing good news of great joy to all people.

I know I’m asking a lot with our Fair Share Mission Asking, our District Work Fund and your benefits but please see if you cannot find $500 to contribute ASAP before 2014 is closed. I’m willing to receive your gift in January as well, beggars are not choosy.

Grace and peace,
Teresa Lilja
Administrative Assistant
The Atlanta Emory District
5161 Brook Hollow Parkway, Suite 210
Norcross, GA  30071
770.446.7506 - Office

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