Saturday, September 10, 2011

Almost United Methodist Almost Haiku

Even in Georgia there is a hint of fall in the air this week. Political campaigning is in full gear & with the economy, jobs, and general angst it's a season for many words. Of course, in these days just before the 10th anniversary of 9/11 the emotions are on a roller coaster ride. Thank goodness for some entertainment as college football season has begun. Add to this cocktail that the build-up in "conversation" about the UMC General Conference has begun.

So, emotions, battle, concise words, and UM thoughts all came to my mind this morning as I awoke.

Ever wake up thinking of a UMC haiku?

I thought some of this might be obscure for some readers, or that you might want to know the context, therefore the key words are linked to a source. I've also started the day off learning something new as the "kireji" or "cutting word" is a strong concept.

With a tip of the hat to John Wesley & begging for forgiveness for anyone who loves Japanese poetry, I offer you:

Almost United Methodist Almost Haiku

GC12 scarecrow-
CTA metrics dashboard
coming death tsunami

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