Thursday, August 4, 2011

October Mission in Rural Jamaica

Can you see yourself in Jamaica in October?

No problem mon!

Join Trinity on the Hill for a week of medical ministry and fellowship in St.Mary Parish on the island of Jamaica. We will be hosting a team from October 22-29 serving the people of this impoverished but vibrant part of Jamaica in partnership with American Caribbean Experience (ACE) ministries. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, opticians, physical therapists, and anyone (even with no medical training) with a desire to serve is welcome. For more details contact Rev. Scott Parrish or Dr. Ron Eaker.

Visit ACE to get more information
about our partner mission host and the varied work they do in rural Jamaica.

We will offer medical clinic, dentistry, and eyeglasses in 5 mountain village clinics throughout St. Mary Parish & hope to have a team of 25. We typically have a number of churches represented on each team and are accustomed to such team work.

Serve a sweet spirited people in need...
Eat the BEST jerk chicken...
Drink fresh coffee grown in the nearby mountains...
Soak up the culture and spirit of Jamaica even as you follow Christ by sharing your skills and talents.

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