Monday, August 29, 2011

Destino del Reino

The sometimes absent mission pastor returns again!

I just got back last night from our latest mission team after 8 days in Honduras. We had a medical team working in partnership with our good friends at Destino del Reino near Siguatepeque. The group offered adult and pediatric medical care, medicine, and an eyeglass clinic. We also had groups for evangelism/discipleship and children's ministry. It was another phenomenal experience as we all grew in deeper relationship with one another and with God. Once again, as often happens with a strong mission experience, there are far too many stories to tell in this small space. I guess I'll just need to write a book sometime to share more of these incredible stories.

- we ate some great food!
- we heard bandito gun fights on two different early mornings.
- I helped orphans knock huge grasshoppers out of pine trees!
- we visited the homes of some of the children sponsored at the Destino school by individuals in our group.
- I drank Coke from a bottle for the first time in many years.
- we all learned a little more about the experience of following Christ as we worshipped together, sang and prayed together, and served together.

Here is the Destino del Reino website.

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