Monday, January 24, 2011

"Have You Caught the Fever?"

Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-13

Trinity’s Augusta Roofing Ministry, Part 2
Here’s a reply received in response to Scott’s story yesterday. What a wonderful way God uses our words and actions as He continues to build the Kingdom. One piece of the puzzle, one interaction and good deed, becomes interconnected to other actions and reactions.

“What a powerful story and wonderful example of the power of Christians working together to serve our Lord. When two or more gather in his name, I believe we could move the mountains.

I will add a little bit more to this wonderful story to show “that one act of inspiring faith leads others to action.” First Assembly has two softball teams that play in the same league as Trinity. Last Friday night the First Assembly B-team played the game prior to ours. After the game, I spoke to Pastor Stanley (who plays on the B-team) who couldn’t stop talking about how “we” inspired his whole church to think differently about missions. He stated in the past that they sent a lot of money overseas and often wondered about the impact it was having. After this experience, they are revisiting their mission statements and plan to do a lot more in their own backyard. I don’t want to highlight that changing their percentages or where they send them as the important item, but that the congregation seems to be catching the mission fever and wants to do more.

After speaking with Pastor Stanley, we played the First Assembly A-team in our game. After the game, they led the prayer and during the prayer thanked Trinity for teaching them to roof and “do” missions. Again, this was not Pastor Stanley, but lay people that had caught the fever and were looking forward to continuing to serve God through missions. I didn’t really think of this as a big deal at the time, but after hearing Mark’s story realized that it all connects.”

Tim Smail

Prayer Request
Pray that everyone at Trinity on the Hill—all ages and stages, all skills and interests—would catch the “fever” of sharing the love of Christ by action in the world. Pray that our generosity in giving and participation in mission would be directly related to our enthusiastic confession of Christ as we all seek to “abound in every good work.”

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